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Failures of the Wi-Fi signal, poor connection or none at all, ‘sticking’ to a Wi-Fi point, failure of 4G transmitter masts, (national) failure of the mobile network.

These costly disruptions have great impact on the continuity of organisations. We offer a solution for this: Lyfo.

The Lyfo applications guarantee reliable mobile data communication via the public 4G networks, with a availability of at least 99.999%, so that is Triple-9.

Lyfo is subdivided into 3 different services. There is Lyfo.SIM, Lyfo.NET and Lyfo.Connect

Are you curious about what each of those three can do for you? Read about it below!

Reliable mobile 4G data communication with a guaranteed availability up to 99.999%.

“Always connected” to all mobile networks using a single SIM-card.

“A chain is as strong as its weakest link” is a familiar proverb. The most important link is a reliable wireless mobile network. Failure or overburdening of a 4G or 5G network can never be excluded.
In combination with Lyfo.SIM, Lyfo.NET is a revolutionary Windows and Android application, that makes it possible to automatically get access to virtually all available mobile 4G/5G networks, both nationally and internationally. Lyfo.NET selects the best available 4G/5G network. If the connection no longer meets the set criteria, for instance due to poor coverage, capacity issues or as a consequence of a (national) network failure in the mobile network, Lyfo.NET will fully automatically switch between the available networks. The detecting and switching is done by means of an NQI algorithm. This Network Quality Indicator forms the heart of our application and consists of 10 different parameters that jointly attach a value to the NQI. If the NQI goes below a certain threshold, the mechanism will intervene immediately and switch to the next available network within seconds. Lyfo.NET proves its application in border regions and this way, mission critical communication via public networks is made possible.
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The following applications are now available;
Lyfo.SIM, Lyfo.NET en Lyfo.Connect

4G Router
Lyfo.Connect is the 4G router with Lyfo.NET andLyfo.SIM


The high performance 4G SIM with access to virtually all mobile networks.


Lyfo.SIM provides premium access to virtually all 4G-5G mobile networks in Europe. In the Netherlands, this SIM-card guarantees access to the networks of KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile.

Lyfo.SIM is offered including data blocks which are valid throughout the entire contract period. The number of SIMs that can make use of a data block is unlimited. The following data blocks are available; 100GB, 500GB and 1TB.

Lyfo.SIM is supplied in combination with our Lyfo.NET application.


Mobile data communication with guaranteed availability up to 99.999%

Lyfo.Connect is the ‘always connected’ vehicle-grade 4G router for all types of mobile data communication. The product consists of Lyfo.SIM, Lyfo.NET and the special 4G router. This unique combination ensures that you will always be connected through the best available 4G/5G network.

Lyfo.Connect is excellently suitable for all types of vehicles, vessels and fixed solutions, like M2M, equipment monitoring, charging stations and payment terminals. Together with Lyfo.NET and the Lyfo.SIM, a minimum availability of 99.999% is guaranteed.

Lyfo.Connect is offered through a subscription for Lyfo.NET and Lyfo.SIM and with supply prices for the router.


Services and maintenance

The world of telecommunication is always on the move, new technological (network) developments in combination with a strong focus on security of the applications. This all adds to the fact that maintenance by means of updates and upgrades is our number one priority.

In order to be able to keep guaranteeing high availability and reliability, now and in the future, we offer an unprecedented service on all of our applications, by means of our ‘’no-nonsense’’ approach.



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