Critical Mobile Data Communication
Reliable Mobile Data Communication with a guaranteed availability up to 99,999%



Critical Mobile Data Communication

Daily use of handheld terminals such as mobile payment terminals, Tablets, Rugged tablets and laptops and 4G LTE routers is continuously increasing
Many operational procedures now use web-based forms and therefore rely on data connectivity, such as (outdoor) Wi-Fi or public 4G.

Disruptions of the Wi-Fi signal, insufficient or no coverage, improper roaming between Wi-Fi access points, failure of 4G sites, (national) disruptions in the mobile network, all have severe impact on business-critical processes.

To avoid such costly disruptions that greatly influence the continuity of organisations, Triple-9 has developed software and hardware solutions grouped under the brand name Lyfo.

Through the Lyfo applications we can increase the reliability of your mobile data connection over public 4G to 99,95%.

Lyfo.SIM provides access to all available mobile networks.

Lyfo.NET is a unique application that, in combination with Lyfo.SIM, automatically switches to the best available network within seconds.

Lyfo.Connect is a router that uses both Lyfo.NET and Lyfo.SIM to provide you with the best possible connectivity for vehicles, vessels or static applications.
These Lyfo applications assure you of a reliable data connection, allowing your people to do their work.

The following Lyfo Applications are now available;
Lyfo.SIM, Lyfo.NET and Lyfo.Connect

Improve your mobile data connectivity experience with Lyfo!

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“Always-Connected” ” on any mobile network with one SIM card.

Lyfo.NET is a revolutionary application that, in combination with Lyfo.SIM, provides access to all available mobile networks, both national and international. Intelligent algorithms in Lyfo.NET choose the best available network. When a connection no longer adheres to the required criteria (such as coverage, delays etc) due to (national) disruptions of the mobile network, Lyfo.NET will select a different mobile network and switches over to that network in seconds.

Lyfo.NET will also prove its usefulness in border areas since “sticking” too long to the old network will be history. Lyfo.NET will switch over to any network of any country based on quality parameters and not on operator preferences.

The fully automated switch-over between mobile networks will take anywhere between 5-7 seconds, depending on the number of available networks in the area.


Microsoft Windows 10
Lyfo.NET is available and tested for Windows 10 devices with a built-in modem, such as Zebra or Panasonic tablets or the Microsoft Surface.

Lyfo.NET is also available on Linux devices.

For specific Android based terminals (such as mobile payment terminals or special devices) you can contact us to discuss possibilities.

Currently it is not possible to use Lyfo.NET on iOS based devices.
For more information about possibilities, please
do not hesitate to contact us.

4G Router
Lyfo.Connect is the 4G router that works with both Lyfo.NET and Lyfo.SIM

Lyfo.NET is distributed with a subscription model. Please contact us for further information.

Critical Mobile Data Communication
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Critical Mobile Data Communication with a guaranteed availability up to 99,999%

Lyfo.Connect is the ‘always connected’ vehicle-grade 4G router for many types of mobile data communication. The product consists of 3 Lyfo parts, Lyfo.SIM, Lyfo.NET and the specific hardware platform. This unique combination will assure that you are always connected to the best available 4G mobile network.

Lyfo.Connect is suitable for all types of vehicles, vessels and static applications for many M2M solutions, equipment monitoring, EV loading poles and payment terminals.

The router comprises a CAT-6 modem and is suitable for all EU 4G/LTE bands, which guarantees high data throughput (up to 300 MBps) and low latency. Together with Lyfo.NET en de Lyfo.SIM a minimal availability of 99,95% is achieved.

Lyfo.Connect is offered as a one-of sale with subscriptions for Lyfo.NET and Lyfo.SIM.
Please contact us for further information.


The high-performance 4G SIM card that allows access to nearly all mobile networks

Lyfo.SIM provides premium access to nearly all 4G mobile networks in Europe and many around the world. In the Netherlands this SIM card guarantees unrestricted access to the 4G+ networks of KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile with the highest possible download and upload speeds.

Lyfo.SIM is offered with a subscription and with Data Blocks that are valid for the entire contract period for all users within your company. The following Data Blocks are available: 100GB, 500GB and 1 TB.

Lyfo.SIM will be delivered in combination with our  Lyfo.NET application.

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