Design and development

Triple-9 designs and develops a broad spectrum of telecommunication applications and systems for the public 4G and 5G networks, in which a high warranty of reliability, availability and security are only the start.
Through our unique combination of specialist knowledge of (mobile) data communication networks, software development, entrepreneurship and
a “We can do” approach we will be happy to discuss your application or question.

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Services and maintenance

The world of telecommunications is continuously in motion.
Both hardware and software,
but also new
technological (network) evolution
combined with a strong focus on
security of the applications contributes to
maintenance through updates and upgrades
being a key element in our services.
To be able to ensure high availability
and reliability, now and in the future,
we offer a renowned
service on our
applications through our “no-nonsense” approach.

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Are you our newest talent?

Triple-9 is looking for a software engineer to strengthen her team.

View the vacancy here.