Vacancy: Software engineer

Triple-9 is looking for a software engineer to strengthen her team.

The organisation

Triple-9 B.V. is a young and innovative company, specialized in software engineering and development and focuses specifically on custom software for the (mobile) telecommunications market. Our engineers are particularly experienced in 4G / 5G technology, mobile devices and apps, databases, IP, security and integration of applications with mobile networks.

Triple-9 B.V. has its registered office in The Hague and has its own office for engineering and development, located in Buurmalsen.

The culture

Triple-9 is a small organization with currently 10 colleagues. There is little hierarchy and everyone knows and understands their responsibility in the success of the company. The team is well attuned to each other and together we develop high-quality, complex software and systems. The culture that prevails can be described as: informal, professional, high-tech, cohesive, inventive and innovative. In addition to hard work, there is fortunately enough room within Triple-9 for the necessary humor and conviviality.


Triple-9stands for 99.999% reliability and availability of software systems and we are currently fully engaged in challenging, unique and innovative projects in the field of mission critical communication over public 4 / 5G networks. Our Lyfo.NET product, with which users can easily switch between different mobile networks, is unique in the market, distinctive and designed and developed entirely in-house.

The function and requirements

Profile software engineer Triple-9

The software engineer is responsible for independently carrying out (sub) projects in the field of software development and is responsible for the entire process. To this end, he / she can develop a High Level Design (LLD) into a Low Level Design (LLD) and subsequently implement, program and test.

For this we request as much knowledge and experience as possible from one or more of the following:

  • Backend and / or Frontend programming
  • Advanced level of understanding of and experience with C / C ++; Go is an advantage *
  • Knowledge of Typescript, Javascript and HTML / CSS
  • Knowledge of SQL or the willingness to master it; knowledge of distributed databases is an advantage
  • Excellent oral and written communication in Dutch and English.

*) If you have not yet gained experience with Go, you will get the opportunity to learn this with us!

And additionally the following competences:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Work in a structured and accurate way
  • Open and clear communication
  • Collaborate with customers and colleagues
  • Keeping your knowledge up-to-date
  • Willingness to learn new technologies
  • Get out of your comfort zone to actually use new technologies.

What we offer

Triple-9 offers a modern working environment, is based on a permanent contract and looks for a healthy combination of working at home and being present at the office. Currently 9 out of 10 colleagues are co-owners of the company and Triple-9 strives to see employees wanting to dedicate themselves to the company for a longer period of time to offer them the opportunity to buy shares.

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